H3-D Symposium

25-28 October 2022 | Cape Town, South Africa

Keynote speaker: Jennifer Keiser, Swiss TPH

Hydra Conference Parasitic Helminths

28 August – 2 September 2022 | Hydra, Greece

Keynote speaker: Jennifer Keiser, Swiss TPH

ICOPA 2022

21-26 August | Copenhagen, Denmark

Speaker: Jennifer Keiser, Swiss TPH

22nd Drug Design & Development Seminar (DDDS) 2022 of the German Society for Parasitology (DGP)

12-15 July 2022 | Munich, Germany

Organized by University of Bern, DNDi, and LMU Munich

Sabine Specht, DNDi, is part of the Scientific Committee

Marc Hübner (IMMIP) presented results from HELP experiments: ‘Identification of new treatments for filarial infections’ 

Conference on Tropical Medicine and Global Health (CTM 2022)

23-25 June 2022 | Rostock, Germany

Session on ‘Parasitology’ including speakers Achim Hörauf, IMMIP, Uni Bonn, Sabine Specht, DNDi

Marc Hübner (IMMIP) presentation ‘Die BEnzimidazole Oxfendazol und Flubendazol eliminieren Adultwürmer von Litomosoides sigmodontis in Abhängigkeit vom Immunsystem’

DZIF meeting 

2 June 2022 | Stuttgart, Germany 

Marc Hübner (IMMIP) presentation ‘Update on the development of novel anthelminthics and novel models for preclinical testing’ (including results from HELP)

40. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Tropenpädiatrie und Internationale Kindergesundheit

27-29 May 2022 | Basel, Switzerland

Jennifer Keiser, Swiss TPH. Presentation ‘Innovative drugs in helminth infection suitable for the paediatric population’ in the session ‘Paediatric dermatology meets paediatric infectious diseases’

Anti-helminthics: Drugs, Resistance & Vaccines

10-12 May 2022 | University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA

Sabine Specht, DNDi, is part of the Scientific Committee

Keynote speaker: Jennifer Keiser, Swiss TPH

70th ASTMH Annual Meeting

17-21 November 2021

Symposium on ‘Clinical development of new treatments to support the global elimination of onchocerciasis’

Speakers: Achim Hörauf, IMMIP, Uni Bonn, Sabine Specht, DNDi

Poster: ‘Replacement of missing values for one-time-measurement outcomes in onchocerciasis clinical trials’

DZIF TTU NAB meeting 

20 April 2021 

Marc Hübner (IMMIP) presented on ‘Translational Microbiology’ in a session chaired by Achim Hörauf (IMMIP, Uni Bonn)

Leiden University Medical Center

12 April 2021 | Leiden, The Netherlands

Marc Hübner (IMMIP) presented on ‘Development of alternative treatments for onchocerciasis’

29th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Parasitology

15–17 March 2021 | Virtual

‘Anti-Helmintic Drug Development’ session with HELP partners part of the keynote.

Speakers: Jennifer Keiser, Swiss TPH, Sabine Specht, DNDi, and Marc Hübner, IMMIP

British Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

2 February 2021 | Virtual

Achim Hörauf, IMMIP, Uni Bonn. Presentation ‘Pre-clinical development of Corallopyronin A – a novel natural product active against helminths, STIs and Staphylococci’ in the session ‘Pre-clinical antimicrobial development’

World Health Summit

26 October 2020

Annual Symposium organized by the German Alliance for Global Health Research Session on ‘Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration in Global Health – Science Meets Implementation’ with presentation from Achim Hörauf, IMMIP, Uni Bonn

4th AMR Conference Novel Antimicrobials & AMR Diagnostics

28 August 2020 | Virtual

Poster: ‘Pre-clinical development of the natural compound antibiotic Corallopyronin A’

Anthelmintics IV: Discovery to Resistance

3 February 2020 | Santa Monica, California, USA

Jennifer Keiser, Swiss TPH Presentation: ‘Drug combinations for soil-transmitted helminthiases’

Keystone Symposia Global Health

8-12 December 2019 | Cape Town, South Africa

Session on ‘Helminth control: Drug development’:

Jennifer Keiser, Swiss TPH. Presentation: ‘Improved treatments for soil-transmitted helminthiases’

Sabine Specht, DNDi. Presentation: ‘Development of alternative treatments against filarial diseases

Conference programme

68th ASTMH Annual Meeting

20-24 November 2019 | National Harbor, MD USA 

Session on ‘New tools to accelerate elimination of onchocerciasis’:

Sabine Specht, DNDi. Presentation: ‘Macrofilaricidal drug development – onwards and upwards’

Institut Pasteur Symposium: The Future of Parasitology

18 November 2019 | Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

Jennifer Keiser, Swiss TPH. Presentation ‘Improved treatments for soil-transmitted helminthiases’

Symposium programme